About Us


  • To inspire, encourage, facilitate and promote humanitarian activities with a view to prevent and alleviate human suffering, and poverty.
  • To provide renowned programme and service of excellence that build upon tradition of education, research, humanitarian and community service.


  • To strive to improve the  lives of poor communities
  • To offer high standard research.
  • Expand the horizons of knowledge through education and research


  • Engage in socio-economic research on various aspects of development and development-related issues aimed at addressing socio-economic challenges in the country;
  • Provide a space for policy debates bringing together local, national, regional and international agencies, public and private sector organizations, academic and other stakeholders to influence policy implementation.
  • Working with public, private and non-governmental institutions in developing and conducting socio-economic programmes aimed at addressing socio-economic challenges in the country
  • Provide humanitarian services


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