About Us

What does the JLD Institute do?


About Us

What does the JLD Institute do?



The Institute was established to provide research of the highest standard. This vision was founded with the foresight to provide renowned programmes and a service of excellence that builds upon the tradition of research.


Research Chair
Submission to National Parliament on Land Policy Change
Land Audit Research


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Capacity & Critical Skills Development


Through our unique capacity and development programmes, the Institute seeks to close the skills gap in society with the view to address the critical skills shortage in the country.


The Institute regards itself as a centre of excellence in the skills enhancement, curricula development and research fields. Through capacity and critical skills development programmes, we contribute to the country’s alleviation of unemployment and provision of self-employment.


Co-operatives Training
Recognition of Prior Learning Programme
Executive Financial Management Programme
Corporate Governance and Leadership Programme
Khethekile Rural Women Training Project 



Our Mission


  • To provide a high standard of research.

  • Expand the horizons of knowledge through education, research and training.

  • To create a platform for debate and advocate for policy change.

  • To raise awareness and promote the values of equality as contained in the constitution.


Our Vision


To provide renowned programmes and excellent service that builds upon the tradition of education and research.