Our Methodology

Our Methodology






Skills Audit

The skills audit process assists with identifying the training needs of a participant. This helps to set the tone of the training by ensuring that it is adjusted and ratified according to the targeted audience. The outcomes of the skills audit inform the development of the appropriate training curriculum.


Curriculum Development

The JLD Institute is founded on the aspirations and principles of skilling and capacitating people with the view to empower South Africans towards self-reliance and a better and more fulfilled life. One of our main objectives is to develop curricula and programmes – particularly for women and youth – which are aimed at equipping and empowering them to develop a passion for entrepreneurial skills and thus becoming employers rather than job-seekers and workers.



Central to our training programmes is the goal of improving participants’ capability, capacity, productivity and performance. The JLD Institute is engaged in a number of training interventions for women and youth, namely:
• Youth Skills Development Programmes
• Work Integrated Learning (WIL)
• Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation is an important tool used to evaluate the progress and eectiveness of a programme.